The Future of Multicloud Networking
A Market Trend Report by Futuriom

“As people need more things [from the cloud], we have become more of a multi-cloud environment,From a simplicity perspective we don’t want to do things four times. We want to do it once. Simplicity of operations is key.”
Bobby Willoughby, Network Architect with Aegon

Futuriom discusses the coming multi-cloud networking boom, why multiple clouds will become key to IT strategy and how it all means big changes for networking. Receive expert insights from this comprehensive report and learn:

  • The Great Cloud Wave – the shift of IT applications to multiple and hybrid clouds – is creating demand for a new multi-cloud networking (MCN) solutions than can unify networking infrastructure among cloud constructs.
  • Enterprise IT, Network, and Security managers want a unified networking infrastructure that can connect with multiple cloud and integrate with their existing networking and IT investment. Futuriom collected this feedback from a survey of 150 enterprise end users with technology roles, qualified as Director-level and above.
  • The key drivers of MCN include providing more options for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud (69%), consolidating data center with public cloud infrastructure (69%), improving the performance of distributed applications (65%), and managing security policy and visibility (61%), according to Futuriom survey work.
  • MCN solutions will be used to create software-defined virtual networks that can integrate private data center, public cloud, and enterprise networks. This will drive the uptake of Network as a Service (NaaS), software-defined networking (SDN), and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect and integrate existing networks and cloud platforms.
  • Top use cases of MCN, according to end-user survey feedback, include security integration and virtual firewall management, multi-cloud application integration and performance assurance, network visibility, security analytics, and unified multi-cloud network monitoring and management.
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