User VPN Promotional Program (the “Program”) Terms of Use

These terms apply when you agree to participate in the Program by accepting the offer from this webpage and using the applicable Aviatrix software.

Agreeing to participate in the Program does not obligate you to make any purchase.

The Program is available to both existing and new customers without limit to the number of licenses you may deploy.

If you are an existing customer:

a) the terms and conditions between us for the use of Aviatrix software will govern your use of the software under the Program; b) you will continue to receive the support services you currently receive during the Program term; and c) you may add additional users to your account.

If you are a net new customer:

a) you will be entitled to basic support and b) terms of use of the software during the Program will be presented to you during purchase.

At the end of the promotional period, Aviatrix will issue you a credit for all Aviatrix User VPN charges you incur under the Program through the same channel by which you purchased the software, e.g. if you purchase through the AWS marketplace you will receive the applicable credit to your AWS account.

If you are an existing customer and have prepaid for software covered under the Program, you will receive credit for the prorated portion of your prepaid fees based on the number of days you participate under the program.

You acknowledge and agree that your use of Aviatrix software under the program may generate fees for infrastructure consumption from your chosen cloud provider. No cloud provider is participating under the Program and Aviatrix will not provide any renumeration of any type for any fees billed to you by the cloud provider for infrastructure consumption.

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