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Aviatrix Designs for Cisco CSR 1000v Migrations

“We were worried about maintaining operations and performance of our cloud network in AWS given the complexity of the Cisco CSRs. Our experience with Aviatrix gave us the confidence to make it our global transit networking solution as a replacement to the CSRs.”
Network Staff Engineer, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company


Get the Definitive Design Guide
This validated design guide explores the drivers for migrating from Cisco CSRs to Aviatrix Transit and provides several network design patterns and migration plans documented from dozens of customer migrations.

The Aviatrix cloud network platform offers enterprise customers a modern transit network alternative to legacy Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) deployments. The design guide provides detail on migrating without disruption and how to:

Reduce Operational Overhead – Modern, centralized controller replaces legacy-by-device configuration using CLI.

Obtain Enterprise-Class Visibility – Detailed multi-cloud topology views, network analytics and flow visualization to overcome lack of visibility with CSR based networks.

Increase Performance – CSR link throughput is < 1.25 Gbps with ~5 Gbps backplane; Aviatrix delivers up to 70 Gbps on both.

Overcome Route Table Limitations – Aviatrix delivers thousands of route table entries; CSR is limited by AWS VGW attachment to 100.
Handle Overlapping CIDRs/IP Addresses –Aviatrix intelligently manages overlapping CIDRs, CSRs do not.

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