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Aviatrix Secure Edge

Seamlessly extend your existing Aviatrix cloud network to your edge network and eliminate disparate, inconsistent architectures. WIth Aviatrix Secure Edge, you get a consistent, repeatable network architecture with enhanced visibility, easy management, robust security, and complete control. Whether you need an edge solution for your data centers, on-prem environments, or large edge sites, you get:


• Simplified hybrid connectivity

• Centralized control, reducing costs

• Single interface for management

• Encrypted routing for security

• High-performance



Extend to Edge

Extend cloud networking capabilities to remote sites, ensuring consistent network architecture, security policies, and connectivity across your entire network.

Multicloud Connectivity

Use Aviatrix Edge Gateway as the primary route for connecting to multiple cloud environments for multicloud connectivity.

Public or Private Network Connectivity

Control network traffic and secure edge connectivity across a private or public network.

Whether you’re in need of an Edge solution for your data centers, on-prem environments, or large edge sites, Aviatrix Edge is here to support you.

Aviatrix Secure Edge with Equinix

Simplify Edge Networking

Managing multicloud networking complexity can be overwhelming for teams, especially at the edge. Explore our simplified solution.

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Equinix and Aviatrix

Equinix and Aviatrix collaborate to deliver agile and automated cloud networking solutions at the edge.

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Embedded Security

Enhance edge security using Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, offering NAT gateway, egress controls, microsegmentation, and security groups.

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Aviatrix and Equinix

Aviatrix Secure Edge seamlessly integrates with Equinix so you can leverage their hybrid architecture and low-latency private circuits to connect to your chosen CSP.

Consolidate or connect on-premises locations to local points of presence while ensuring smooth, secure connectivity to business applications in multiple cloud environments.

Explore Joint Solutions
Aviatrix and Equinix Multicloud Interconnection

Aviatrix Edge for Data Center and On-Premises

With our cloud-based edge solution, you can easily connect and deploy without needing any IT expertise. Enjoy easy management with our automation stack and single, streamlined system. Aviatrix will help you take deployment and onboarding to the next level, with better cost and greater efficiency than ever before.

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Aviatrix Edge for DC and on-premises

The nimble cloud is yours for the taking.

See how we can simplify your operations, reduce your cloud costs, and improve security to create a more agile, cloud-enabled business.