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Press Release: AWS re:Invent

Aviatrix Cloud-Native Networking Software Extends to Enterprise Branch Offices with CloudWAN Service

Leverages Existing Cisco IOS Branch Routers with No “Rip and Replace”; Integrates with AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager and AWS Global Accelerator for Operational Simplicity and Low Latency Branch Office Connectivity

Las Vegas, NV – AWS re:Invent – December 3, 2019 –

Aviatrix, a leading provider of cloud-native networking software, today announced Aviatrix CloudWAN, a new service that embraces native cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), including the new AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager, and extends Aviatrix’s intelligent orchestration and control to existing Cisco IOS branch office routers. AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager enables customers to manage and monitor connectivity between AWS and their on-premises locations from a single console within AWS.

Aviatrix CloudWAN uses the customer’s Aviatrix cloud-native network controller—centralized orchestration and control for cloud networking—to reach the customer’s existing Cisco IOS branch routers and directly reconfigure Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes to point to AWS and leverage AWS Global Accelerator, enabling optimal path and lowest latency routing to applications running on AWS.

“At the scale we operate in our cloud environments, we can’t do networking manually. It has to be abstracted and automated,” said John Deatherage, Cloud Architect at Docker, Inc. “Aviatrix is that abstraction and automation layer for us. Their new CloudWAN service and integration with the new AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager will allow us to extend the automation layer to our branch offices. If you’ve never used Aviatrix on AWS, I suggest you deploy a networking proof-of-concept without Aviatrix and then deploy networking with Aviatrix. It’s a ‘man vs. machine’ experience and the difference becomes obvious immediately.”

The Aviatrix controller has full knowledge of the customer’s AWS environment and configures branch office routers to direct traffic over the optimal path to applications on AWS. Customers leverage existing Cisco branch office routers without requiring expensive upgrades to hardware or software. Combined with multiple internet (tier-1 or broadband) connections, customers quickly enable a highly available, optimally routed multi-site-to-cloud solution.

“We have a long history of innovative collaboration with AWS and our customers are building on a cloud-native networking architecture that takes full advantage of the global AWS infrastructure,” said Aviatrix Founder and Chief Product Officer Sherry Wei. “We are excited to deliver the Aviatrix CloudWAN service integrated with AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager. CloudWAN extends Aviatrix’s intelligent orchestration and control reach beyond the cloud core to enterprise branch offices in a way that enables Cisco branch routers deployed worldwide to connect to AWS with the least latency possible.”

“Our customers need to allow branch office access to AWS workloads in a frictionless way,” said David Brown, Vice President, Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By integrating the Aviatrix CloudWAN service with our new AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager, we can make routers in branch offices more intelligent when communicating with AWS.”

Aviatrix’s cloud-native networking architecture embraces and extends AWS native constructs and services—delivering the agility and simplicity of the cloud through Aviatrix’s CloudCore, Cloud Access and now CloudWAN Services. For example, Aviatrix CloudWAN embraces both AWS Global Accelerator and API integration with the new AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager. Doing so extends AWS’s native capabilities by intelligently configuring on-premise Cisco IOS branch office routers to take full advantage of these services.


Aviatrix CloudWAN is available immediately to customers by launching the Aviatrix Controller v5.2 AMI from AWS Marketplace. Existing customers can obtain the new functionality by performing a one-click upgrade of their Aviatrix software to the latest version.

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