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Republic Airways Soars Above the Clouds with Aviatrix

Airline Deploys Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform to Simplify Advanced Networking, Security, and Operational Visibility for their AWS and Azure Environment.

Santa Clara, Calif., April 6th, 2021, – Aviatrix, the cloud network platform, today announced that Republic Airways, one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S., operating under the brands of American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express, with a fleet of 200 aircraft and nearly 1,000 daily flights to 100 cities in U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Central America, has deployed the Aviatrix cloud network platform, to gain cloud network visibility, control, and to simplify the operations of their multi-cloud network environment.

“Aviatrix provided exactly what we needed; the ability to route in a multi-cloud network architecture within a cloud network provider, from one region to another and with a repeatable network design within multiple-cloud providers. I believe the Aviatrix solution is absolutely the best way to go,” said Jeff Duke, Sr. Network Engineer, at Republic Airways. “Once you know about Aviatrix, most networking engineers will choose Aviatrix over native cloud networking constructs and services, it’s worth every penny.”

Republic Airways’ journey to the cloud began with the need for visibility and efficiency connecting to their public clouds. However, the team quickly realized that none of the “connect to the cloud” solutions delivered any capabilities for networking within their clouds. At the same time, security within AWS and Azure was the top cloud infrastructure requirement – north/south, east/west, on-premises to the cloud, and Internet egress and ingress security were all Republic’s responsibility, not the cloud providers. Aviatrix delivered a multi-cloud solution that met all Republic Airways’ enterprise cloud networking, security and operational visibility requirements. As a result, Republic Airways has dramatically reduced service delivery times and gained much deeper operational visibility and troubleshooting capabilities leading to reduced time to resolution for application connectivity challenges.

Hear more from Jeff Duke in this “Real World Cloud Networking” video.

“Operating in multi-clouds is not easy, especially if you’re doing it with a small team while trying to be agile and also focusing on other business priorities,” exclaimed Steve Mullaney, CEO of Aviatrix. “Right now, every enterprise is facing very similar challenges – how do we successfully, securely, and seamlessly operationalize our enterprise’s journey to multi-cloud. Republic Airways quickly figured out that if their migration to multi-cloud was going to be successful, they needed the power of the Aviatrix cloud network platform. Operating a secure multi-cloud network architecture, with real-time visibility and control, typically took IT teams weeks and months, and with Aviatrix, it can now be done in minutes, at a fraction of the cost!”