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Enterprises around the world in every industry have made the switch to Aviatrix cloud networking platform from legacy CSR 1000v deployments. Our videos, design guides, quick reference comparison, online documentation and more will help you get decide if a migration is right for your cloud network.  Have a specific question?  Just use the chat icon to engage with one of our experts in real-time.

Migrating from CSR1000v to a Real Enterprise Cloud Transit

35 MIN

Why Aviatrix Transit Over Basic Transit?

30 MIN

Multi-Cloud Transit Network – Aviatrix Product Demo


Aviatrix Designs for Cisco CSR 1000v Migrations

Network design patterns proven by enterprise customers who have migrated from Cisco CSR 1000v to the Aviatrix cloud network platform


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FeatureAviatrixCisco CSR 1000v
SoftwareCloud NativeTraditional from legacy hardware
DeploymentSystem with Central ControllerIndividual virtual devices
Management InterfaceGUI or Terraform Automation (API)CLI
Route Table EntriesAutomatic100, Limited by CSP constructs
Performance and High-Availability
Active-ActiveYesOnly Active-Active for on-prem connection, but limited to Active-Standby by native CSP constructs
Detection FailoverYesOnly for virtual appliance, not tunnel
Cloud AwareYesNo, Manual
Tunnel and Gateway HAYes, AWS, Azure, Google, OracleAWS only
Throughput PerformanceUp to 94 GbpsLess than 1.25 Gbps
Support for Jumbo FramesYes, up to 9k bytesNo
Egress Filtering with FQDNYesNo
Multi-Cloud Network SegmentationYesManual
High-Performance EncryptionYesNo
Support for NGFW InsertionYesNo
Overlapping IPs
Source and Destination NATYesRequires multiple interfaces
Cloud AwareYesNo, manual
Monitoring and Alerting
Built-in Monitoring and Threshold AlertsYesNo
Dynamic Topology MappingYesNo
Time Series Performance ChartsYesNo
Resource Tagging and ClusteringYesNo
Data Analytics
Centralized VisibilityYesNo
Global Traffic Flow Heat MapsYesNo
Support or 3rd-Party ToolsYesNo
Centralized Software UpdatesAutomated via ControllerManual
Inline Update, No RestartYesNo
Customization MethodSimple Point-n-Click InterfaceManual with Lambda cod
Cloud Diagnostics (FightPath, AppIQ)YesNo
Packet CaptureYesNo
Simple Log UploadYesNo
Cost Optimization
Min EC2 Instance SizeT2-microC4-large

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