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Cloud Hosted Application Access & Solutions

Connecting your customers to cloud-hosted apps.

Setting up dedicated private IP addressing on the per VPC basis poses many design and access constraints. Planning, maintaining, and providing access to hundreds or thousands of customer VPCs could become an impossible task for CloudOps and Network Planning teams.

Enterprise applications are increasingly being hosted in the cloud from organizations such as Informatica, SAP, and other providers. These independent software vendors (ISVs) are now leveraging many of the public cloud network, compute, and storage services for global reach and rapid scaling. Their enterprise customers require dedicated single tenant stacks for data privacy and loss prevention without compromising access and security. Using VPCs to isolate customer dedicated single tenant applications stacks is now becoming the new deployment architectural paradigm. While customer dedicated VPCs solve for many of the requirements posed by enterprises for data isolation, leakage, security and access, it also creates numerous challenges for CloudOps and Productions engineering teams to setup, scale and maintain the customer dedicated VPCs.
Public cloud providers such as AWS offer networking services such as VPC (Virtual Public Cloud) for creating private logically isolated network environments for segmenting the cloud and launching resources and applications with complete control over the IP addressing and dedicated access.

Resolve Overlapping IP Addresses when Using Public Cloud


Best Practices for Policy-Driven Application Access for AWS and Multi-Cloud Environments

45 MIN

Aviatrix & Virtual Cloud Network


The Aviatrix Solution

Secure Access to Cloud-hosted Applications

Aviatrix has a feature called Environmental Stamping, which takes advantage of the unique nature of Virtual Private Clouds and offers a deployment architecture that is secure, identical, and infinitely repeatable. It helps Cloud hosted app providers to automate on-boarding of networks and customers by avoiding repeat tasks of cloud operations and production engineers.

Environmental Stamping provides a deployment solution that lets you create identical environments with identical or overlapping VPC CIDRs, instances and security policies. Yet it allows you to access instances in VPCs seamlessly and securely.

When we discovered Aviatrix, we had an immediate need to secure access to Internet-based resources from our applications in the cloud. Aviatrix was simple to deploy and delivered exactly the solution we needed.
Chris Salomon
Director of Software and Reliability Engineering at ParkMobile

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