Free Remote User VPN
Now Through June 2020
Program Expired June 30, 2020

We are all in it together.

Aviatrix, like other businesses around the world, is encouraging employees to work from home to avoid catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus. The global outbreak has created unprecedented challenges for organizations. When it comes to the safety of our employees and families we are all in it together.

To encourage everyone’s safety, Aviatrix is offering to credit you the cost of any use of our smart SAML Remote User VPN software beginning from the day you register in the program (by submitting the form on this page)  through June 30, 2020. By then, we hope the threat will have passed and we can all get back to the office.

We understand that remote user access for hundreds of employees can be complex and costly to deploy. It doesn’t have to be and we are willing to help.

How it Works (4:20)

Aviatrix’s smart SAML Remote User VPN solution is designed for organizations with employees, customers, developers and contractors who need to remotely access private company resources that reside in public clouds.

The Aviatrix OpenVPN client supports SAML authentication through Enterprise Identity Providers such as Okta, Duo and Active Directory. If you are not using SAML authentication, the solution works with any OpenVPN client.

A true cloud model, all software, no hardware to deploy or configure. The solution is easily launched from cloud marketplaces, delivers centralized, profile-base user access control policy enforcement, logging and reporting.

You will be charged $0.03 per hour, per user during use. Then, under the terms of this promotion, Aviatrix will credit your cloud account each month for the amount charged, through June 2020.

By submitting your information, you are accepting the offer on this webpage and agree to the program terms of use.