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Aviatrix delights visitors at AWS Summit London 2022

Aviatrix’s Principal Field Evangelist, John Gonsalves, giving a talk at AWS Summit London 2022.

Of all the AWS Summits in London, this year’s was perhaps the most special.

For starters, it was the first time since 2020 that the event took place in a physical capacity, having been rendered virtual until now by the pandemic. You could tell that everybody was happy to be back; attendees showed wide-eyed awe and enthusiasm as they navigated through the booths and networked with old and new friends.

For us at Aviatrix, we had our own reasons as to why it was so special. Two years ago—and we’re happy enough to acknowledge this—we were a smaller company with a smaller presence. Fast forward to the 2022 Summit, and it was clear that Aviatrix has grown significantly in size and popularity.

Bigger and better

This time around, we had about 15 team members in attendance, all from different countries and departments. With a bigger team in place, we were prepared for higher levels of interest, which is exactly what we got.

While EMEA Sales Engineer, Tomasz Klimczyk, was certainly responsible for generating some people traffic (i.e., he stood in the middle of the walkway with a handmade sign pointing people to our booth!), we had many visitors make a beeline directly to us to say hello.

Of course, some of those visitors were our wonderful customers. We listened with great intrigue as they told us how their teams use Aviatrix and how they were still discovering benefits of our cloud network platform as they continued to do so.

Other guests had come to know Aviatrix via the Aviatrix Certified Engineer program. Many had already completed the course, but we also met with enthusiastic beginners who were excited about getting started.

‘Tell me more about secure cloud networking’

To those who weren’t as familiar with us, our messaging piqued a lot of curiosity. Visitors would walk by the booth and slowly pause as they read on our backdrop: ‘secure cloud networking’. We delighted in explaining to curious passers-by that Aviatrix doesn’t believe in network security as an afterthought. Rather, we integrate network security where it belongs—into our customer’s cloud network. For many of the attendees we spoke to, visibility and control remain high priorities that they were looking to ‘figure out’ for their cloud operations.

A further testament to our growth, our Principal Field Evangelist, John Gonsalves, delivered a scheduled talk about the Aviatrix platform to a full house, with all seats filled and many more people standing to listen in. John reminded spectators that there is no consistency between cloud service providers (CSPs), which presents a great challenge to teams as they attempt to build isolated networks. Not one to leave audiences empty-handed, John continued explaining that with Aviatrix, we provide a consistent, repeatable way—a ‘rinse and repeat’ if you will—for companies to work with multiple CSPs.

John Gonsalves speaking with customers after his talk.

An AWS success

The 2022 AWS Summit London was a brilliant day, packed with innovation, inspiration and interesting discussions. For us, it was particularly special to acknowledge just how quickly and how much we have grown, as exhibited by the sheer volume of interest we encountered. We hope that next time, we can come back even bigger and better than we are now!

In the meantime, to learn how AWS and Aviatrix work together, check out our AWS and Aviatrix resource page.