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Aviatrix Blog

Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall Improves Cloud Cybersecurity Resiliency, Finds Enterprise Strategy Group

Analyst’s Technical Evaluation Validates Aviatrix’s Ability to Greatly Simplify Establishing a Zero Trust Security Posture in the Cloud 


Santa Clara, Calif., October 12, 2023 – Aviatrix, the pioneer of Secure Cloud Networking, today released an in-depth technical evaluation for its industry-first Distributed Cloud Firewall conducted by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group. In its analysis, trusted IT analyst, research, and strategy firm Enterprise Strategy Group reviewed how this solution can help organizations to implement a simpler and more comprehensive, security architecture that protects applications running on public cloud infrastructure.  


According to Enterprise Strategy Group research, 91% of organizations are now using at least two public cloud infrastructure providers. Yet ensuring consistent security across multiple public clouds remains a critical challenge. Enterprise Strategy Group’s evaluation examined how the Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall can reduce the time and effort needed to secure public cloud infrastructure, including installation, threat blocking, policy definition and enforcement, and microsegmentation. 


“Many organizations are still working with traditional data center network firewalls that have been virtualized to work in the public cloud, and they’re now finding that they’re saddled with the same – if not more – challenges than they faced when deploying firewalls on premises,” said Alex Arcilla, Senior Validation Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “If you want to simplify the establishment of a zero trust security posture in your public cloud network (within or across public clouds), without expending time, effort, and expenses unnecessarily, we recommend you shortlist the Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall.” 


Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall redefines network security for cloud by distributing inspection and enforcement to enhance security, scalability, agility, and reduce costs. The distributed architecture, provided by Aviatrix’s Secure Cloud Networking, allows customers to reduce costs by over 30% while achieving a 14X increase in aggregate security throughput compared to a centralized architecture that enterprises – having no alternative – have adopted when lifting and shifting “last-generation” firewall into the cloud. 


Throughout its evaluation, Enterprise Strategy Group validated that the Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall can greatly simplify establishing a zero trust security posture in a multicloud environment by: 

  • Securing the existing perimeter of an environment by preventing access to select internet domains. 
  • Locking down the environment by configuring policies that leverage attributes and tags of public cloud resources (uploaded when onboarding public cloud accounts), instead of routing traffic to firewalls using IP addresses. 
  • Filtering service-to-service traffic and isolating threats in east-west service-to-service traffic in the cloud and internet egress traffic, including microsegmentation of traffic within VPCs or VNets, whether application components were deployed in separate virtual networks or within the same virtual network. 


“Traditional firewalls simply aren’t built for the dynamic nature of cloud. Network security must be distributed and embedded into the network to deliver a true, agile, least privilege, zero trust, environment,” said Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Aviatrix. “Our introduction of Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall earlier this year marked a new era for cloud network security that customers are quickly adopting. Enterprise Strategy Group’s technical analysis further underscores the value we’re bringing to enterprises grappling with today’s cloud security challenges and costs.”  


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