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Aviatrix® Named a Cloud Market Leader on the Futuriom 50 List of Strongest Private Companies in Cloud and Communications Infrastructure

Santa Clara, Calif., February 7, 2024 –  Aviatrix®, the cloud networking expert, today announced it has been named to the Futuriom 50 list for the fourth consecutive year. This annual list from Futuriom, an analyst firm focused on next-generation cloud technologies, captures the strongest private companies in key markets for cloud and communications infrastructure.


“Aviatrix is a leader in the multicloud networking market, with a clear vision of helping customers integrate networking, security, and visibility across clouds to improve performance and reduce costs at the same time. They have a large roster of multicloud customers, which ratifies the value of this approach,” said Scott Raynovich, Founder & Principal Analyst at Futuriom.


The report reveals the top trends that Futuriom will be tracking in cloud infrastructure throughout 2024, including hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, edge cloud and data management, cloud visibility and automation, cloud security convergence, cost management and FinOps, and AI infrastructure. The Futuriom 50 reflects on the industry in 2023, revealing the companies who earned a spot on this year’s list raised a total of $14 billion in funding and represent the most promising IPO candidates. It also highlights an ongoing focus on optimization and cost-effective cloud infrastructure, where AI infrastructure is the outlier with the gold rush on.


Aviatrix empowers businesses with the visibility, security, and control they need to adapt with ease and move ahead at speed. Aviatrix’s solutions unify the clouds, providing simplified operations, optimized cloud costs to take control of spending, and improved security that enforces consistent policies and closes gaps in protection. Learn more here.


Aviatrix Futuriom 50 Report Highlights

  • “Multicloud networking provider Aviatrix provides a Distributed Cloud Firewall with a centralized, programmable interface that can implement policies in multicloud environments. It packs a network address translation (NAT) gateway, egress controls, microsegmentation (dividing a network into distinct segments with separate security policies), and security groups.” 


  • “Through its CoPilot interface, Aviatrix provides an overall view of the multicloud networks it generates. CoPilot maps all connections enabled by the Aviatrix Controller through multicloud and hybrid cloud networks. Security and diagnostics are incorporated to enable troubleshooting.” 


  • “Aviatrix’s CostIQ product helps allocate cloud networking costs to departments in an organization.” 


  • “In addition to providing granular per-department cloud networking cost visibility with CostIQ, Aviatrix helps organization reduce the costs of cloud firewalls and NAT with its Distributed Cloud Firewall product.” 


  • “AI for Multicloud AI will also fuel the growing need for MCN: “Aviatrix should also be part of the game, as its distributed MCN platform can drive more integrated connectivity with public cloud platforms, while providing operators with better distributed security and observability features. Aviatrix CEO Doug Merritt recently told industry video outlet theCUBE that AI will have a huge impact on networking.”


Aviatrix Makes the List


Download the Futuriom 50 Report here. 


About Aviatrix 

Aviatrix® is the cloud networking expert. We’re on a mission to make cloud networking simple so companies stay agile. Trusted by more than 500 of the world’s leading enterprises, our cloud networking platform creates the visibility, security, and control needed to adapt with ease and move ahead at speed. Combined with the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, the industry’s leading multicloud networking and security certification, Aviatrix empowers the cloud networking community to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. Learn more at