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Press Release: Aviatrix Customer Informatica

Aviatrix Simplifies and Accelerates Customer Onboarding to Cloud for Enterprise Cloud Data Management Leader, Informatica

 Cloud-Native Networking Software Enables Simple and Fast Migration from Enterprise On-Premises to AWS, Azure and GCP Clouds

 Santa Clara, Calif.—January  28, 2020—Aviatrix, the leading provider of cloud-native networking software for the multi-cloud enterprise, today announced that Informatica is using Aviatrix software to streamline their customers’ migration from on-premises to the cloud.

Informatica is the enterprise cloud data management leader that accelerates data-driven digital transformation for its customers. Over the last 25 years, Informatica has helped more than 9,000 customers unleash the power of data.

Informatica identified early the massive opportunity available by transitioning its product suite from on-premises to one delivered via the cloud. Aviatrix represents a cornerstone in that strategy. With thousands of multinational customers using a range of clouds platforms, Informatica needed to be able to support multiple public clouds, including Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Having a consistent way to manage each customer’s software environment securely and across all clouds with a single pane glass was paramount. Automating the on-boarding of new customers quickly and efficiently was equally important.

Aviatrix’s multi-cloud network orchestration enables Informatica to deploy customer software environments in any public cloud. Informatica created a multi-cloud backbone network that securely segments customer environments, while providing its engineers with the ability to monitor, support and upgrade customers much more efficiently. Doing so results in a higher-quality customer experience with significantly less downtime. Aviatrix’s cloud-native networking architectures also allows Informatica to automate customer-to-cloud network connections—reducing customer on-boarding down to minutes rather than days.

“Migrating our enterprise customers from on-prem to cloud is a top priority for us,” said Informatica Director of Cloud Network Operations Toby Foss. “That process needs to be as painless and automated as possible in order to reduce ‘time-to-live’ and operational complexities. Aviatrix hides all of the complexities with a single pane of glass for networking and security services across our international multi-cloud infrastructure and allows us to service our customers more efficiently.”

Extending its use of Aviatrix, Informatica will soon capitalize on the cloud networking software’s egress security capabilities—a control required by PCI DSS, HIPPA and many other compliance frameworks—to help delineate between legitimate and illegitimate internet requests.

“As a global leader in data management and analytics for more than 25 years, Informatica has moved aggressively to expand that leadership into cloud data management,” said Aviatrix Chief Executive Officer Steve Mullaney. “We’re excited to be partnering with their team to dramatically simplify and accelerate their customer migration from on-prem to cloud.”

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is redefining networking in the cloud. The Aviatrix AVX™ cloud networking software platform enables enterprises to create a single, common architecture for their multi-cloud network, regardless of the public cloud provider(s). Aviatrix delivers advanced networking services with the simplicity and automation expected in the cloud and the visibility and control required by the enterprise. With more than 400 customers globally, Aviatrix is a trusted networking partner for enterprise IT moving to the cloud. Learn more at

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