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Aviatrix Blog

Customer Press Release: ParkMobile

ParkMobile Leverages Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform for Secure Cloud Egress

Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform Enhances Native Cloud Networking Capabilities and Creates Architectural Foundation for Rapid Growth

Santa Clara, Calif.—June 9, 2020—Aviatrix, the cloud network platform, today announced that ParkMobile has selected Aviatrix to secure and manage outbound access to Internet-based resources from its cloud applications and to provide a common multi-cloud network architecture for global multi-cloud expansion.

ParkMobile is a leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S. used by more than 18 million drivers to quickly pay for street and garage parking without requiring meters or kiosks. The ParkMobile app also allows drivers to reserve parking at concerts, sporting events, airports, campuses and other locations. Ranking in the Apple App Store within the navigation category, behind only Google Maps and Waze, the ParkMobile app is already the most widely used mobile parking solution in the country, available in the largest U.S. cities including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Houston.

The ParkMobile app currently operates in a single cloud and requires access to Internet-based resources such as mapping and payment systems. The engineering team sought to filter outbound access to specific Internet-based resources from ParkMobile’s private cloud-based services using domain names rather than IP address, because Network Address Translation (NAT) filtering was limited to IP address filtering, and IP addresses regularly change without notification. Preparing to expand into international markets, the cloud operations team required a multi-cloud architectural foundation that would simplify network operations and offer operational visibility while maximizing security, including the continued privacy of its customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

ParkMobile chose the Aviatrix cloud network platform for its secure egress filtering because it provides complete visibility and delivers a centralized approach to controlling Internet-bound traffic, restricting communication to a “white list” of fully qualified domain names (FQDN). Aviatrix’s architectural approach to cloud networking also provides ParkMobile with a well-defined roadmap for future growth, including enterprise-grade capabilities that can be adopted as its cloud networking, security and operational requirements evolve.

“ParkMobile is rapidly expanding in North America. When we discovered Aviatrix, we had an immediate need to secure access to Internet-based resources from our applications in the cloud,” said ParkMobile Director of Software and Reliability Engineering Chris Salomon. “Aviatrix was simple to deploy and delivered exactly the solution we needed. Over the past 6 months, we’ve taken a much more strategic point of view of the Aviatrix multi-cloud networking solution. The architectural approach has helped us develop a multi-cloud network design that offers critical network performance, control and operational visibility, which sets us up to more efficiently scale our business.”

“ParkMobile is a game changer – a perfect example of next-generation businesses leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver compelling services and value that customers rapidly embrace,” said Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney. “Cloud-based businesses around the world, like ParkMobile, have explosive growth potential. Cloud architects at these businesses are leveraging Aviatrix’s multi-cloud network architecture to design, build and operate multi-cloud networks that deliver the simplicity and automation expected from the cloud and bring both the visibility and control needed to rapidly expand.”

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