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Inside the Mind of an AWS Partner Solutions Architect: Sarah Aamir on the Altitude Podcast

Artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and partnerships – all of these can be valuable tools for reaching success with greater efficiency, creativity, and diversity in perspective.  


In a recent episode of the Altitude podcast, host Woody Woodworth explored these topics with Sarah Aamir, a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. Sarah offered a valuable perspective on the evolving landscape of enterprise networking with a rich background in networking and technology and previous roles at Dell and T-Mobile. 


Together, Sarah and Woody dove into a wide-ranging discussion, touching on why Sarah chose to join AWS, her experience working with partners, the impact of generative AI, and her BI project that she considers her most fulfilling and meaningful project at the moment. Here are some highlights from this fascinating chat. 


A Journey Through the Enterprise Networking Industry 


Sarah’s extensive background in networking, support, and sales has allowed her to gain a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of enterprise networking. She shared why she chose to join AWS as her next career step with Altitude listeners, emphasizing the constant opportunities for growth and the chance to work with a diverse mix of partners at AWS. As Sarah so eloquently summed up, “You will never get bored at AWS.”  


Working with Partners and AWS Immersion Days 


Double clicking on her work with partners, Woody and Sarah also discussed Sarah’s experience working with organizations like Aviatrix. She expressed how much she enjoys collaborating during AWS Immersion Days, where hosts from each company team up to showcase modern technologies and partner innovations in a hands-on learning environment. 


“We do enablement sessions with a huge attendee list, and it’s always encouraging… We got very, very strong feedback, even from the ARR increment. The journey is going very well,” says Sarah. 


At Aviatrix, we regularly co-host AWS Immersion Days, which are incredibly popular events for the cloud networking industry. If you’d like to join the next one, check out our Events page and register here. 


The Impact of Generative AI 


Moving on to some hot industry topics of today, Sarah and Woody jumped into the realm of generative AI. Sarah shared how AI systems like GPT-3 hold the potential to transform industries through automation, personalization, and assisting with data analysis – even doing important work such as creating meaningful reports in healthcare and other fields. While the capabilities of AI can be extraordinary, Sarah and Woody acknowledged in their discussion that its ability to venture beyond the known dataset is finite. There’s still critical work to be done when ensuring its potential risks are managed. 


“If it hasn’t been trained on the data, it has nothing to say. It doesn’t venture outside of those boundaries,” said Woody. 


What to Watch for at AWS re:Invent: Generative Business Intelligence 


Wrapping up the podcast, Sarah gave a sneak peek of some details on her favorite project of the moment, a data-intensive business intelligence assignment. Her enthusiasm for this generative BI (GenBI) project stems from a previous role as a solutions architect at T-Mobile, where her teams were used to seeing stakeholder info in pie charts, tables, and graphs. With this new project, they’ll now be able to see that information in stories – a development with the potential to make a real impact. Sarah shared her excitement for this year’s AWS re:Invent, where she plans to present a demo showcasing valuable insights from her GenBI project.  


Woody and Sarah look forward to meeting at AWS re:Invent, and we hope to meet you there as well at booth #890! 


If this conversation piqued your interested, you can listen to the full episode of Altitude with Sarah Aamir here. For more insights from guests from Kyndryl, Mueller Water Products, CHS, Equinix, Microsoft, and more, check out our other episodes of Altitude here. We can’t wait to share more stories that take your cloud expertise to new heights!