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Aviatrix Blog

Press Release: 2021 Total Economic Impact™ Study of the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Shows 222% ROI

Study Provides Detailed Analysis of Expected Business Benefits and Cost Savings for Aviatrix Customers

 Santa Clara, Calif., Mar. 9, 2021, – Aviatrix, the cloud network platform, today announced the availability of the 2021 Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study commissioned by Aviatrix, conducted independently by Forrester Consulting in January 2021. The TEI Study is based on Forrester’s in-depth interviews with Aviatrix customers and provides a quantitative, business value justification designed to help IT leaders. It demonstrates a composite cost-savings and business benefits analysis interviewed customers realized by leveraging the Aviatrix cloud network platform and provides a model for determining economic value in any organization.

The complete results of the TEI Study of Aviatrix can be found and downloaded here, where readers will learn how Aviatrix customers leverage more advanced cloud networking, security, and operational visibility for their cloud and multi-cloud network environments, helping them generate new revenue and ensure operational efficiency at significantly lower costs.

.Key highlights of the TEI Study on Aviatrix cloud network platform Include: 

  • Aviatrix pays for itself more than 2x in the span of three years (222% ROI)
  • Over $3 million in revenue and margin gains from new and existing customers attributed to multi-cloud readiness and faster time-to-market
  • Over $1 million in cost savings from operational efficiency and resource re-allocation
  • Over $4 million in business benefits and cost savings over three years

 Cloud infrastructure is becoming the norm for many organizations. Decision makers may plan to focus on a single cloud platform, but they often need to support many due to acquisitions, client requirements, or app developer preferences. Each cloud service provider comes with its own processes, native constructs and tools that can slow cloud network operations. The Aviatrix cloud network platform helps organizations automate and control cloud network infrastructure, maintain security compliance, and respond to clients much faster.

Aviatrix customers saw significant benefits after deploying the company’s cloud network platform:

  • “Without Aviatrix, it would have taken an extra year and twice the staff” — Sr. Infrastructure Architect, insurance company.
  • “We have been able to open new lines of business and keep up with increased demand” — Assistant Director of Cloud Architecture and Engineering, manufacturer.
  • “We can shine a light in the dark corners of public cloud [with Aviatrix]” — Senior Cloud Architect, business software and services provider.
  • With Aviatrix, we are saving millions” – Assistant Director of Cloud Architecture and Engineering, manufacturer.

“We’re very pleased with the overall results of the Forrester TEI Study,” said Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Product Marketing at Aviatrix. “The quantifiable data truly highlights the benefits our customers receive using the Aviatrix cloud network platform. Furthermore, our customers achieve these benefits in both single and multi-cloud environments. As more enterprises adopt a multi-cloud strategy, Aviatrix’s market leading solutions will be the foundation for demonstratable economic gains.”

Executive Summary Video of the TEI Study on Aviatrix: (5 mins)

Watch our guest speaker Sean Owens, Forrester’s Principal Consultant, and leader of the TEI of Aviatrix cloud network platform study, provide an executive summary of the study’s methodology, key findings, and quantified results. View video here.