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Press Release: Aviatrix CoPilot for Enterprise-Class Operational Visibility

Aviatrix Unveils CoPilot for Enterprise-Class Operational Visibility
of Multi-Cloud Networks

Eliminates Public Cloud Blind Spots and Provides Actionable Intelligence on Network Health,
Traffic Flows and Anomalies

Santa Clara, Calif.— April 21, 2020Aviatrix, the cloud network platform, today announced CoPilot to provide enterprises with advanced operational visibility and troubleshooting capabilities for multi-cloud networks. The new capabilities enable cloud network operations teams to dramatically reduce the time it takes to resolve network and application connectivity issues – across one or multiple public clouds.

Operational visibility and control is fundamental to any multi-cloud network architecture. CoPilot provides a global view of enterprise multi-cloud environments by leveraging intelligence and analytics from the Aviatrix cloud network platform combined with telemetry and network information gathered using native public cloud APIs. CoPilot’s rich, intuitive visualizations provide actionable insights to practitioners by using dynamic multi-cloud topology maps, FlowIQ intelligent traffic flow analytics, global traffic heat maps, time series trend charts and a complete cloud network monitoring dashboard.

“I really like the added visibility that CoPilot has brought to my cloud network operations team,” said Toby Foss, Director of Cloud Network Operations, Informatica. “It’s a great reminder of the visibility and troubleshooting tools we took for granted when infrastructure was ‘on prem,’ but now we have it for our multi-cloud network, too.”

Provisioning cloud network services is often easier than operationalizing them. Network practitioners who are responsible for operations would rather spend their valuable time solving issues instead of logging into multiple screens, services and cloud provider management consoles to stitch together the network visibility they require – even if the information could be obtained from these sources. Enterprise IT teams that need to be in full control of their multi-cloud environment can use CoPilot to access the network intelligence they need– all in one place – an advancement not available from AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud providers.

“Aviatrix CoPilot is truly next generation cloud network operational visibility. This isn’t a cloud washed legacy network management tool. CoPilot delivers critical, detailed visibility that’s simply not available in the cloud vendor provided alternatives,” said Preston Gregg, General Manager, North America, Viqtor Davis. “CoPilot’s extreme visibility helps customers find the ‘needle in the haystack’ to more easily recognize unusual network behavior and more quickly resolve network and application connectivity issues that, in the past, would have taken much longer to resolve.”

Multiple Clouds. One Network Architecture and Operational Model.
The Aviatrix cloud network platform is software deployed and operated by enterprise customers. The software directly programs the native cloud constructs to maintain the simplicity and automation unique to each cloud provider. Aviatrix adds advanced networking, security, automation, and day-two operational visibility for enterprises using one or more public clouds. With today’s cloud transformation, enterprises are designing their cloud networks based on the Multi-Cloud Network Architecture (MCNA), the reference architecture for enterprises to design, deploy and operate a repeatable network and security architecture that is consistent across any public cloud.

“Public cloud is now the center of gravity for enterprises. But, while their infrastructure has certainly changed, their requirements for network visibility and troubleshooting absolutely have not,” said Steve Mullaney, CEO, Aviatrix. “CoPilot leverages the advanced capabilities of the Aviatrix cloud network platform to deliver the operational visibility that enterprise customers had in their on-prem data center, but have never been able to obtain for cloud.”

CoPilot leverages the intelligence and advanced network and security services delivered by Aviatrix’s cloud network platform. With CoPilot, cloud network and security operations teams utilize familiar day-two operational features such as packet capture, trace route and ping to resolve problems faster directly from the CoPilot user interface. Using new operational features such as resource tagging, resource clustering, and infrastructure alerts, network engineers can greatly reduce the complexity of monitoring and troubleshooting multi-cloud networks.

Pricing and Availability
CoPilot is available immediately from Aviatrix, authorized partners and public cloud marketplaces. More information on CoPilot is available here. For a live demo or detailed pricing information, please email [email protected].

About Aviatrix
The Aviatrix cloud network platform delivers advanced networking, security and operational visibility required by enterprises with the simplicity and automation of the cloud. More than 400 customers worldwide leverage Aviatrix and its proven multi-cloud network reference architecture to design, deploy and operate a repeatable network and security architecture that is consistent across any public cloud. Combined with the industry’s first and only multi-cloud networking certification (ACE), Aviatrix is empowering IT to lead and accelerate the transformation to the cloud. Learn more at