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Press Release: Aviatrix Customer EasyMile

Autonomous Technology Industry Leader, EasyMile, Standardizes Global Cloud Infrastructure Using Aviatrix Cloud Networking Software

AVX™ Cloud Networking Platform Delivers High Performance/Availability and Secure Segmentation Across Multi-Region Cloud Network for Revolutionary Passenger and Goods Transportation

Santa Clara, Calif. — February 25, 2020 — Aviatrix, the leading provider of cloud networking software for the multi-cloud enterprise, today announced that EasyMile, a global leader in autonomous people and goods mobility, is using Aviatrix cloud networking software to provide the highest levels of visibility, performance and control for the company’s worldwide operations.

The international company is headquartered in France and has offices in the US, Germany and APAC. EasyMile led the charge in driverless mobility and today, its flagship solution, the autonomous ‘people mover’ EZ10 driverless shuttle also offers a highly automated tow tractor, TractEasy, as well as white-label software licensing, Autonomy by EasyMile. For more than five years, the company has developed and deployed autonomous mobility solutions worldwide to control fleets of vehicles manufactured by recognized industrial partners. It has more than 250 global customers spanning 30 countries. Clients include some of the world’s largest transport operators, city authorities, airports, corporations, industrial sites, business parks, and universities.

As autonomous vehicles require a high level of information and data integrity to reach their destination safely, they’re equipped with a full range of sensors that collect and analyze recorded data, creating a 360-degree picture of its environment—infrastructures, other vehicles and pedestrians, or anything else in its path. Processing data in real time allows driverless vehicle systems to decide how to behave in order to progress safely down the road. EasyMile’s cutting edge technology allows autonomous vehicles to navigate safely without dedicated infrastructure in mixed traffic—navigating aptly to accommodate cars, bikes and pedestrians and any obstacles.

EasyMile’s infrastructure comprises multiple virtual private clouds (VPCs) in nearly a dozen regions around the world to drive production applications and IT Operations. The company also has on-premise machine learning systems to continually improve service performance and response, which require connectivity with resources hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). To achieve necessary performance and availability, native cloud network peering forced a full-mesh network design, that not only created challenges in inter-region connectivity, it failed to support secure segmentation policies that EasyMile required.

The company chose AVX™ Cloud Networking Platform to provide a multi-region global transit networking backbone on top of EasyMile’s AWS global cloud infrastructure. In doing so, EasyMile was able to eliminate full-mesh VPC peering, and provide secure, policy-based network segmentation for common and strong security policies across the global transit network. AVX also simplified automation to easily accommodate network expansion to support additional shared or private application environments, allowed greater global IT operational network visibility and control with access to NetFlow logging, packet capture and connectivity troubleshooting.

“EasyMile needs to focus on autonomous technology for vehicles, not the mechanics of the cloud. We leverage cloud infrastructure because it offers agility and it provides the global footprint we need to operate our business efficiently,” said Razvan Matei, Development Lead at EasyMile. “Cloud networking is complex, especially given our network segmentation, automation and high-availability requirements across multiple global regions. The Aviatrix platform simplifies that complexity, delivering a consistent, secure, multi-region transit networking solution and has afforded us the ease and automation we expect from cloud infrastructure. What surprised me was how Aviatrix removed much of the underlying native cloud complexity, while offering valuable network visibility and control our team IT needs every day.”

“EasyMile is an innovative company with a team of highly-qualified researchers and developers, and progressive thinkers. People like this won’t be bound to a cloud network architecture dictated to them by any cloud provider. They want to leverage their cloud provider, but they want more,” said Steve Mullaney, CEO Aviatrix. “We are seeing similar circumstances play out around the world—from innovators like EasyMile to traditional multi-national companies transforming their businesses by leveraging cloud infrastructure. Enterprise IT is taking control and architecting their cloud network to fit their network, security and operational requirements regardless of which cloud service provider they have underneath.”

About Aviatrix:
Aviatrix is the leader in multi-cloud networking. Aviatrix AVX™ software delivers a single platform for cloud networking that programs the native constructs of public clouds and overlays advanced networking, security and operations services – regardless of public clouds being used. More than 400 customers worldwide are using Aviatrix to gain the simplicity and automation of the cloud along with the visibility and control required by the enterprise. Combined with the industry’s first and only multi-cloud network engineer certification (ACE), Aviatrix is putting enterprise IT in control of their network architecture as businesses transform to the cloud. Learn more at

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