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ROI Through Converged Cloud Networking and Security

The “year of optimization,” has become years of optimization as organizations started to closely examine the costs of their cloud deployments. That process was set in motion in the past two years, but it has become clear that there’s a lot more to it. We’re targeting years of cloud optimization.

Cloud investments, of course, are not going to go away. It’s already been demonstrated that we are in a long period of digital transformation, affecting organizations across the world. These organizations will continue to migrate operations to cloud, as many surveys and studies (including our own) show. Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky recently estimated that less than 20% of workloads are running in the cloud. If you limit this to enterprise workloads the percentage is even lower, so there is plenty of upside and we are still in the early innings of this game.

But as organizations deploy to the cloud, they want to do so efficiently. The “lift and shift” approach has proven to be time consuming and costly.
At the same time, legacy enterprise technology, including networking and network security, is ill-equipped for the trend toward cloud optimization. If
enterprises are aiming to reduce their overall private IT costs, they can’t sign up for even more expensive cloud infrastructure.

ROI with Converged Networking and Security

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As the use of cloud infrastructure expands, enterprises are looking to see how they can integrate traditional infratructure with the cloud infrastructure while improving efficiencies. A distributed networking and security architecture may be the answer.

In this free Leaderhip Brief, Sponsored by Aviatrix and written by Futuriom analysts, we explore the potential gains of integrating distributed security with cloud networking.

In examining customer deployments, Futuriom found that Aviatrix has demonstrated that it can reduce overall cloud compute, network, and security costs by implementing integrated security and cloud networking

Implementing Full Distributed Security

The Aviatrix data plane has the advantage of seeing all traffic to, in and across cloud environments. This overcomes a major flaw in centralized security architecture that was designed to inspect traffic only when it is routed to an inspection point.

Better yet, the integration of cloud networking and network security can have many benefits:

  • Savings in gateway costs such as the use of Network Address Translation, by eliminating data
    processing charges.
  • Savings in compute costs required to host expensive, last generation firewalls in the cloud.
  • Savings via collapsing networking and network security functions, possibly eliminating or reducing high-cost of last generation firewall license costs.
  • Consolidated networking and network security operations with one platform

In this ROI Leadership Brief, we summarize the benefits of converging networking and network
security in the cloud.

Download the Leadership Brief Now!