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Enterprise Multicloud Networking


Aviatrix Blog

Why Networking Is Key To Multicloud And Hybrid Cloud

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R. Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Analyst at; Forbes Contributor

Recently, I wrote here about how hybrid cloud and multicloud were technology architecture trends that are gathering steam, driven by more diverse infrastructure needs to support distributed cloud apps and AI. There’s another trend that bears watching: Cloud networking technology will be a key enabler of these hybrid cloud and multicloud trends.

Data from from Futuriom’s Multicloud Networking (MCN) and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Survey, now in its fourth year, has established trends for cloud networking infrastructure. Network operators are keenly interested in using MCN tools and services to advance several goals – including integrating their networks with many different types of cloud services; gaining better network visibility and security; managing cloud and infrastructure costs; and diving into new hybrid cloud applications and infrastructure.

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