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TechTalk Tuesdays

Insights into secure cloud networking

How to Speed and Simplify Cloud Onboarding

Live March 29, 2022 | 10 a.m. PT and 4 p.m. CET

Is onboarding customer-facing applications to the cloud slowing you down? The process of creating a seamless and secure onboarding experience is more complex than many organizations think.

During this TechTalk, we will discuss these challenges and how Aviatrix provides secure and seamless onboarding with advanced features such as NAT, segmentation, service insertion, and deep visibility.

Why You Need Centralized Cloud Inspection for IOT Traffic

Enterprises enjoy more development freedom and agility in the cloud. However, this increased freedom sometimes leads to the hasty replication of networks to help speed up productivity. As a result, IP address overlap can stunt your cloud agility.

Find out how Aviatrix Transit and NAT can help you can remove these roadblocks from your cloud network.

Simplify Your Complex Cloud Network Environments

Enterprises enjoy more development freedom and agility in the cloud. However, this increased freedom sometimes leads to the hasty replication of networks to help speed up productivity. As a result, IP address overlap can stunt your cloud agility. Find out how Aviatrix Transit and NAT can help you can remove these roadblocks from your cloud network.

Stop Unseen Malicious Behavior in Your OCI Network

Native cloud networking obscures the visibility cloud security professionals need to successfully monitor network traffic. As a result, security engineers are faced with the challenge of stopping malicious behavior that they cannot see. Find out how Aviatrix Site2Cloud and OCI Dynamic Routing Gateway improves visibility, security, scalability, and reliability in your OCI network.

Fingerprint Your Cloud Network with Network Behavior Analytics

As the cloud increases business-critical application exposure, zero-day attacks become harder to identify and resolve. Aviatrix ThreatIQ Network Behavior Analytics fills the gaps created by traditional network security tools and improves your security posture in the cloud. This new approach complements existing solutions, secures cloud workloads, and defends against the latest cloud threats.

Secure and Advanced Multi-cloud Architectures with BGP

Today, enterprises are building agile platforms in cloud to offer end customers new and exciting services. Due to the dynamic nature of these platforms, businesses are hitting major obstacles as their cloud business grows. Multi-tenant segregation, IP address overlap, and IP address conservation can stall growth and slow down adoption of these new platforms. Join us to learn how to unlock explosive growth using border gateway protocol (BGP), route segmentation, and network address translation (NAT).

Security as an Accelerator: 7 Fundamentals of a Secure Cloud Network

Every CISO or CIO has tasked their architects to secure the ever-growing cloud footprint. With so many different tools and options to choose from, the lack of a prescriptive approach can result in both wasted time and resources. In this TechTalk, you will hear from Aviatrix Architects on the seven fundamentals of how to transform your cloud security model from a gatekeeper to an accelerator.

Harnessing BGP to scale your edge in Google Cloud

Networking in the cloud can be manual, time consuming and error prone. Providing support for dynamic routing with BGP allows network engineers to remove these challenges. In this presentation, we focus on BGP support when deploying in Google Cloud. Join us for a session to see how Aviatrix takes the complexity out of these use cases and allows greater flexibility when deploying in Google Cloud.

Turn Static Public Cloud Routing Dynamic with Centralized Management

Join us for a session to see how to automate cloud network builds without the overhead of route table management. You will see a demo of how Aviatrix simplifies this huge challenge and makes network management in the cloud a breeze with deep Day-2 operational capabilities.

How to identify and block threats with a secure cloud network

With the increased threat landscape of cloud deployments, customers are often unaware of compromised hosts which may be participating in data exfiltration and bot net operations left unchecked by traditional security constructs. At Aviatrix, we believe that network security belongs in the network, and that the most secure network is the one that you own. In this TechTalk, we will showcase how to obtain multi-cloud native network security that can enable every network node to provide traffic inspection and enforcement.

2022 Cloud Networking and Network Security Predictions

Join us for this rapid-fire virtual roundtable discussion with a panel of cloud networking experts as they discuss current multi-cloud networking trends and cloud predictions for organizations to prepare for in 2022.

Seamless insertion of next-generation firewalls into any cloud environment

Aviatrix FireNet allows you to deploy your preferred next-generation firewall (NGFW) into your cloud environment. It automates the provisioning of the firewall instances, their networking and routing configuration, and ensures only the healthy instances are receiving the traffic for processing. Tune in to learn how you can streamline the buildout of security in your CSPs using FireNet.

Future-Proof Your Career with ACE: The Industry’s Only Multi-Cloud Networking Certification

Join us to learn more about the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, the industry's only multi-cloud networking and security certification and hear first-hand from Valiant-X VP and CTO, Ed Gadison, on how the program helped educate, equip, and transform his team.

Don’t let multi-cloud security scare you! Best practices for CSP outages and operational visibility.

Tune in for two spooky cloud-networking stories. Solution Architects will tell what happens when communications occur from your cloud network to malicious actors or what happens during CSP outages. Learn best practices for creating a multi-cloud network architecture that meets requirements for security and operational visibility. Find out the tricks to get the treats!

Accelerate your Health & Life Sciences Cloud Journey

For Health & Life Sciences (HLS) organizations, cloud adoption is accelerating across the industry, as the desire to embrace digital transformation is increasing. Transitioning from disparate legacy on-premises systems that manage highly sensitive data into a cloud-based architecture can be daunting for even the most skilled IT professionals. Solutions Architects will discuss what network and security professionals can do to support these transformation requirements with an underlying infrastructure that supports applications and connectivity anywhere while maintaining resilience and availability.

BGP and Network Troubleshooting in a Multi-Cloud World

Public cloud networking is not immune to failures and still require troubleshooting with good tools and visibility. Things get challenging when you introduce on-premise locations and multiple Public Clouds. This TechTalk is a deep dive into BGP and troubleshooting for the Public Cloud. Solutions Architects will cover some basics of BGP and network tunneling to provide those new to networking a framework for troubleshooting. Learn how to apply those to Public Cloud and how to use enterprise-class multi-cloud network visibility to troubleshoot when issues arise.

Federal Agencies: TIC 3.0 with high performance encryption and multi-cloud networking

Would you be interested in a TIC 3.0 architecture pattern that delivers high-performance encryption (75Gbps+) as well as intelligent routing, advanced security, and cyber visibility? In this TechTalk we will cover the approved TIC (Trusted Internet Connection) 3.0 architecture using the Aviatrix multi-Cloud Networking Platform. Aviatrix’s delivers advanced networking, security, and operational visibility and control with the simplicity and agility of the cloud. Join us to learn how Aviatrix is supporting the various missions of the US Federal government across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle Cloud.

Customer stories on solving Day Two operational challenges in the Cloud

In this TechTalk, we will highlight a few customers stories to discuss common challenges enterprise organizations face when operationalizing cloud workloads and how Aviatrix helped provide the network visibility and monitoring to resolve them. We will also dive into some recent platform updates and how these are already assisting customers in solving real-world security issues in the cloud.

How to solve overlapping IPs, NAT, and other challenges connecting branches, customers and partners to your public cloud

In this session, solutions architects will review these challenges and how Aviatrix Secure Site2Cloud provides seamless connectivity with advanced features such as NAT, Segmentation, Service insertion and visibility.

Accelerate your cloud migrations with simplified networking and security

This TechTalk will discuss a strategic approach for enterprises to migrate on-prem workloads to the cloud. This includes prepping the new environment with an Enterprise-grade Architecture using the Aviatrix cloud network platform and accelerating the migration using cloud migration tools. Solutions Architects from both Aviatrix and Digital States will focus on migrating to AWS Cloud using Digitalstates Cloud Migration Accelerator (DCMA) to speed up that process.

Learn how to spin up a cloud network in minutes

Aviatrix Sandbox Starter is a tool that deploys a multi-cloud, multi-region network in minutes. Have you wanted to learn more about this tool but didn’t know where to start? What are the prerequisites? Is there a cost? What test cases will I be able to run? In this Tech Talk, solutions architects will give you an introduction to how you can explore this SaaS-like automation tool.

How enterprises are migrating from AWS Transit Gateway to Aviatrix Transit to gain visibility, advanced networking and security and multi-cloud readiness

The Aviatrix cloud network platform brings multi-cloud networking, security, and operational visibility capabilities that go beyond what any cloud service provider offers. Aviatrix software leverages the public cloud provider APIs to interact with and directly program native cloud networking constructs, abstracting the unique complexities of each cloud to form one multi-cloud network data plane, and adds advanced networking and security features. Aviatrix Transit delivers a superset of enterprise-class capabilities that become the foundation of our enterprise customer’s multi-cloud network architecture.

Deep dive into Networking and Security design best practices for AWS Fargate

Although AWS Fargate solves the management challenges for compute and storage, networking and security remains the customers responsibility. When you deploy workloads on AWS Fargate, you choose the VPC/Subnet for connectivity and from there on the workload acts and behaves same as any other EC2 instance in your VPC.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Building Secure Networks in Alibaba Cloud

Global enterprises are adopting multi-cloud strategies for secure networking across the globe, including mainland China. Building an architecture that includes the China region has challenges. Aviatrix has partnered with Alibaba Cloud to eliminates those challenges. In this talk we will share the requirements, experiences and best practices to get started with the China region. We will also share a production case study showcasing an end-to-end solution.

How SaaS providers are solving multi-cloud networking and security challenges

In this TechTalk, we will show you how to solve many of the technical challenges SaaS providers face in rapidly and securely onboarding new customers. Aviatrix Solutions Architects will guide you through a simple solution to overlapping IP address space and how to deliver multi-cloud network segmentation to achieve secure isolation between customers. You will learn how to leverage the solution that dozens of multi-cloud SaaS providers are using in production today.

Common Design Patterns for Next Generation Firewall Insertion in AWS

In 2020, AWS released a new network service – Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB). The service promised easy insertion of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) for securing application workloads and Internet egress. But does it deliver as promised?

This Tech Talk will cover common design patterns for firewall insertion in the cloud, and the unique challenges enterprises face. Learn how Aviatrix simplifies firewall insertion and delivers the operational visibility and multi-cloud consistency enterprises require.

Alibaba Cloud and Aviatrix simplify global connectivity

Aviatrix platform, helps enterprises leverage a Multi-Cloud Network Architecture (MCNA) to easily solve challenges and offers additional layers of security, to global enterprises with a seamless connectivity options across the globe, including mainland China. In this tech talk we will have Solution Architects from Alibaba Cloud and Aviatrix talk about the best solution for the global network, including mainland China, leveraging Alibaba Cloud's private connectivity and Aviatrix MCNA for a seamless experience.

Deep dive for Network Engineers into BGP in Public Cloud with BGP over IPSec, BGP over LAN and BGP over GRE

Routing control is the bread and butter for Network Engineers. When you go to public cloud, the options for route control and traffic engineering can be severely limited. BGP in the cloud is from the 90’s. Software Define routing is a must to complement BGP and bring BGP to the cloud era. In this session, Solutions Architects will talk about the challenges enterprises are facing when it comes to the connecting with the cloud.

Network and security designs considerations for PaaS databases such as Amazon RDS and Azure SQL

CSPs provide a number of PaaS services across different applications and databases. Although PaaS services take care of the application platform management, at the end of the day, these cloud provider services have a network interface to the Virtual Network (VPC, VNet, VCN etc.) that customers must manage. All the network connectivity and security then becomes the customer’s responsibility. In this tech talk, Aviatrix Solutions Architects will focus on PaaS Database services, using Amazon RDS and Azure SQL as examples.

Deep Dive into Securing Kubernetes Applications in GCP with NGFW

Kubernetes based workloads are on the rise in the cloud. GKE (Google Container Engine - GCP) is a popular service to deploy Kubernetes workloads. Enterprises have the misconception that GKE along with Service Mesh (such as Istio) could provide all the networking and security required by enterprises. Reality is that Enterprise applications running on GKE clusters need zero-trust policy-based networking, security and next generation firewall insertion. In this session, we will focus on how you can gain advanced networking and security for enterprise GKE deployments

GitOps, Terraform, and Aviatrix Cloud Networking – Introducing DevOps concepts and practical applications

Learn about cloud DevOps concepts and practical applications for cloud networking. This Tech Talk will focus on Infrastructure as Code Automation that enterprises are widely embracing as they strive to maximize speed, agility and efficiency in deploying and operating cloud networking and security. We will discuss the Aviatrix Terraform provider, give an overview of GitOps, and discuss the practical application of these technologies and principles by demonstrating a GitOps workflow with a real-world Aviatrix Egress FQDN filtering example.

Need to augment your cloud team with a cloud network operations, security or automation expert?

What if you had a team of highly skilled cloud networking engineers to augment your team today? With the Aviatrix Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) services, you leverage the experience of a dedicated cloud architect to empower your team to manage and operate your multi-cloud infrastructure. With more than 500 customers deployed worldwide, the Aviatrix Professional Services team has helped hundreds of customers to plan, design and deploy their multi-cloud network infrastructure.

Learn how Aviatrix CCOE services will bring best practices for building resiliency and redundancy into your cloud network infrastructure design. We will ensure you are leveraging the full operational visibility of the Aviatrix platform and help put in place Infrastructure as Code automation to reduce deployment time and minimize risks and downtime

How to gain unprecedented control and visibility into your AWS networking

Cloud networking can quickly become complex, making it difficult to achieve the visibility necessary to gain critical insights. This is true in AWS just like all of the other cloud service providers. AWS has continued to innovate and bring new constructs to VPC networking. However, each new features adds complexity and they are seldom shrink wrapped together to provide a holistic network offering. Hear from James Devine, Aviatrix Principal Solutions Architect, who came from AWS as a networking SME and is a co-author of AWS Certified Advanced Networking Study Guide about how Aviatrix can help provide unprecedented visibility and control into your AWS Networking.

Accelerate Azure landing zone deployment and CAF alignment

As organizations look to expand their cloud footprints in Azure, many IT teams look to the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for best practices. Azure landing zones often guide an organizations initial footprint and accounts for scale, security, governance, networking, and identity. As with any framework, turning the design guidelines and principles into tangible components can be challenging. Whether new to cloud entirely or embracing Azure as a secondary or tertiary cloud, Aviatrix simplifies the deployment of landing zones within Azure while also providing advanced features to compensate for real-world scenarios, all while maintaining CAF foundational principles.

Critical Design Elements of Multi-Cloud Networking & Security

Join Aviatrix Principal Solution Architects as they provide answers to the most common questions around designing a cloud architecture that sets you up for the future. In the TechTalk, we will discuss how to build advanced network, security and operational visibility services that can simplify multi-cloud networking.

Five Networking Challenges You will Encounter in Public Cloud

In this TechTalk, Aviatrix solution architects will discuss five networking challenges you will encounter in public cloud. We have learned what the challenges are first-hand from hundreds of large deployments in AWS, Azure and GCP and how to mitigate the risks with proven best practices and a multi-cloud network architecture. Cloud adoption has accelerated faster than many enterprise teams expected. Meeting the challenges requires the ability to embrace the simplicity and agility everyone expects from cloud, with the operations and security enterprises require

Cloud Networking and Security Designs for Amazon EKS

Kubernetes based workloads are on the rise in both on-premises data centers and in the cloud. On-premises, enterprises leverage tight control over how Kubernetes clusters are created, deployed and networked. However, Kubernetes in cloud, while simplified, introduces challenges because enterprises lose much of the control they are used to. For example, while Kubernetes Container Network Interfaces (CNI) for intra cluster networking is very robust, a challenge many cloud architects face is networking and security for traffic egressing or ingressing Kubernetes clusters.

Cloud Networking Tips for On-Prem Network Engineers

The role of cloud architects has become critical to businesses as enterprises accelerate their migration of production workloads into the cloud. Architects need to learn new skills in the cloud, but are challenged first by understanding the new jargons and terminologies and secondly by the fact these terminologies do not always get applied the same way as in the on-prem world. Join Aviatrix Principal Solutions Architects, who have helped hundreds of enterprises transition through the multi-cloud adoption maze.

How to architect a multi-cloud network that includes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Multi-Cloud is the reality, and in 2021 the enterprise migration to public cloud will only accelerate. Oracle is leading enterprise customers to migrate their databases to OCI and is offering a broad set of services designed to help migrate and maintain the Oracle database in OCI, in addition to other IaaS and SaaS offerings. If you are an enterprise exploring this option, you likely already operating in Microsoft Azure or AWS. Learn how Aviatrix provides simple, secure and high performance connectivity between your enterprise data center, OCI, and other clouds. In this Tech Talk we will touch on the most popular scenarios we see in customer designs in the context of Oracle Cloud - DBs and much more!

Azure cloud architect’s guide to multi-cloud networking

The role of cloud architects have become critical to businesses as enterprises accelerate their migration of production workloads into the cloud. Many any IT teams began their journey to cloud leveraging the application services offered in AWS, however the migration of traditional business applications has driven cloud teams to Microsoft Azure as well. While there are clear benefits offered in Azure from an application and cost point of view, operating in a multi-cloud environment from a cloud networking point of view presents unanticipated challenges.

Whether your cloud environment is expanding into Azure or Azure is your primary cloud and you are preparing for inevitable multi-cloud expansion, cloud network architects need to understand the Azure network framework and the advanced network, security and operational visibility services that can simplify multi-cloud networking.

Meet Aviatrix’s new Principal Field Evangelist, formerly Director of Global Network Engineering at Citigroup

Join us as we explore the wisdom of John Gonsalves gained in his 20 years at Citigroup. John lead global network engineering where he was responsible for building a next generation networking architecture. He helped transform Citi’s global network and voice infrastructure into an modern, automated and easily consumable service. What advice does he have for network teams who are responsible for today’s enterprise cloud transformation?

Multi-Cloud Network Security and Compliance

In the cloud era, the role of network security architect has become more critical than it has ever been. Complexity and human errors have always been the banes of security professionals. As enterprise cloud computing scales, it is expected to be 10x larger in size and complexity and will be deployed 1,000x faster than data center computing.

In this TechTalk we will focus on how enterprises are leveraging the Aviatrix cloud network platform to improve overall security posture, ensure corporate and regulatory compliance and embrace the exponential growth in enterprise cloud networking complexity by building on the combination of cloud security best practices and a multi-cloud network architecture.

2021 Predictions for Cloud Networking

Join us for this rapid-fire roundtable discussion with a panel of cloud networking experts. Solutions architects, who have been working with hundreds of Enterprise customers, will discuss the current multi-cloud networking trends and what they believe are critical best practices for the year ahead. Learn from the mistakes of others and how to avoid those pitfalls. Find out why the role of the cloud network architects will be even more critical to enterprise businesses in 2021.

Cloud-based Enterprise Software Delivery: Why Multi-Cloud Optionality is Critical to the Business

With more enterprise SaaS and SaaS-like offerings moving to the cloud, Enterprises are coming across new challenges in their journey. Public cloud offers added flexibility in delivering services to customers, but also introduces new obstacles that Aviatrix is uniquely positioned to tackle. In this TechTalk, Aviatrix solution architects will cover some of the biggest hurdles SaaS companies encounter such as customer connectivity, multi-cloud operations, visibility, and security.

Aviatrix and Pureport: Maximizing Inter-Cloud and Site-to-Cloud Performance in your Multi-Cloud Network Architecture

Cloud providers offer solutions for dedicated, high-speed, private connections to on-prem. Examples are AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, and Google Cloud Interconnect. However, they are time-consuming and complex to operate. Dedicated hardware must be configured and maintained on-prem. Also, the traffic is not encrypted.

And more importantly, it's not natively possible to connect those private cloud connections to each other, since they are competitors. So, how can we create inter-cloud communication with a high performance and a low latency?

Join this tech talk to learn how Aviatrix and Pureport are partnering to provide an enterprise-grade private connectivity to the cloud, and between clouds, with significant advantages.

Day Two Operations with Enterprise-Class Multi-Cloud Network Visibility

In this TechTalk, we will highlight enterprise-class, multi-cloud network visibility and operational capabilities such as cloud network flow analysis, geographical source-destination heat maps, and time series traffic analysis to visually identify flow anomalies. We will also dive into the latest updates that make CoPilot the most powerful cloud networking visibility platform on the planet.

An Orange Perspective on Multi-Cloud Networking: Why Orange Business Services Cloud Practice is partnering with Aviatrix

Agility is paramount in today’s fast‐moving touchless digital economy. Enterprises demand rapid provisioning of applications to meet targets and speed up time to market. Cloud can provide these resources in a fast, flexible and efficient way, and multicloud allows you to select the clouds that best serve your needs.
In this TechTalk we will be hosting Geoff Barnett from Orange Business Services Cloud Practice for a fireside chat about how Geoff discovered Aviatrix and why he believes the Aviatrix cloud network platform will become critical cloud infrastructure for some of the largest enterprise cloud deployments.

Top 5 Reasons Cisco CSR customers are Migrating to a Cloud Network Platform

Many early cloud adopters sought to maintain operational familiarity with Cisco hardware products they have on-premise by deploying the CSR 1000v virtual appliances in their AWS, Azure and GCP environments. Today enterprises are migrating away from using CSR in public cloud – it’s complex, difficult to operationalize, and lacks many of the modern, cloud-like capabilities that networking teams now require. If you are considering renewing your CSR licenses for another year, this is the event for you.

In this technical webinar, we’ll discuss what’s involved in migrating from an existing CSR deployment and the factors you should consider – including multi-cloud architecture, network segmentation, centralized management, automation, route limitations, troubleshooting and third party service insertion to name a few.

Did someone say Serverless? Enterprise-class cloud networking for Lambda functions.

In this TechTalk Tuesday we will jump into how cloud networking teams are dramatically simplifying networking for application teams leveraging AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions to build full stack serverless applications. Learn how to leverage multi-cloud networking that provides operations teams the automation, visibility and control required to deliver network services at API speed.

How to build a network architecture across AWS and Azure

Learn how organizations are creating a multi-cloud network and security architecture that meets requirements for scale, performance and automation. The session will highlight best practices for creating a multi-cloud architecture, proven design patterns for key use cases in AWS and Azure. This will take into account critical operational and troubleshooting requirements.

Bring your next generation firewalls to the cloud to simplify centralized cloud egress and ingress security

Please join us for an overview on how to use the Aviatrix cloud network platform to segment VPCs and VNets, leverage native cloud network constructs, and deploy next generation firewalls in a multi-cloud environments using Aviatrix FireNet. FireNet simplifies NGFW deployment, resiliency, and scalability for Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, and Fortinet Firewalls. During this session you’ll learn how FireNet can support different use cases including VPC/VNet-to-VPC/VNet east/west, Egress, and Ingress designs.

How to eliminate barriers for GCP and multi-cloud adoption

Solutions architects will discuss common networking pain points enterprises experience and how to mitigate these challenges using the Aviatrix multi-cloud networking architecture approach. Join the discussion to learn best practices for centralized policy based security, high performance encryption, common global transit network, user VPN, multi-cloud visibility and seamless connectivity to on-prem data centers and branches, just to name a few.

We will also cover real world customer case-studies that demonstrate how Aviatrix advance networking and security is helping enterprises operate mission critical applications in GCP. Lastly we will explore eliminating barriers for GCP adoption by extending common, repeatable standard network designs into AWS and Azure clouds.

Simplified Security Service Chaining with SSL Offload in Public Cloud by using Aviatrix Transit and F5 Networks

As enterprises move mission-critical workloads to the public cloud, the need for security has increased due to proximity to internet and entities outside of enterprise control as compared to on-prem data centers. Enterprises require increased level of security and deeper inspection of network traffic. Given that most of today’s network traffic is encrypted, native NGFWs are often challenged by double burden of decrypting SSL and then doing the inspection. If there are multiple appliances that need to do inspection, such as NGFW, IPS/IDS and other appliances, decrypting/encrypting multiple times becomes very expensive. Hence, for enterprise architectures with one or more inspection points, it is optimal to offload traffic decryption to a specialized appliance which can then securely send the traffic to one or multiple service chained appliances for firewalling and payload analysis.

Join us in this session to learn how Aviatrix and F5 are solving these challenges and empowering your cloud and multi-cloud environments to provide visibility across the full security chain for any network topology, device, or application.

How to implement a layered cloud network architecture to simplify Kubernetes multi-cluster connectivity in multi and hybrid cloud environments

In this session, Aviatrix Solution Architects will discuss and demonstrate a layered cloud networking architecture which application teams can rely on to simplify Kubernetes multi-cluster connectivity across multi-region, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud networks and bring centralized ingress/egress security controls.

How to leverage CSP backbones as the ultimate alternative to an MPLS network

In this TechTalk, Aviatrix solutions architects will review three common scenarios which offer an alternative to an MPLS network that leverages the advantages of modern global cloud networking infrastructures.

A Discussion with Cloud Teams at Wawa and ReAssure: How to Control Outbound Traffic to the Internet Using Egress Filtering

ReAssure and Wawa talk about the challenges they faced using native services that filter on IP address lists that regularly change or open source solutions with limited central control and visibility. This special TechTalk will include a live customer panel discussion about Egress FQDN Filtering and the Aviatrix multi-cloud security service specifically designed to control internet bound traffic from VPCs or VNets using Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) filtering.

Day Two Operations with Enterprise-Class Multi-Cloud Network Visibility – What’s New?

In this TechTalk, we will highlight enterprise-class, multi-cloud network visibility and operational capabilities such as cloud network flow analysis, geographical source-destination heat maps, and time series traffic analysis to visually identify flow anomalies. We will also dive into the latest updates that make CoPilot the most powerful cloud networking visibility platform on the planet.

How to architect multi-cloud networking for your AWS, Azure, & GCP infrastructure

Learn how organizations are creating a multi-cloud network and security architecture that meets requirements for scale, performance and automation. The session will highlight best practices for creating a multi-cloud architecture, proven design patterns for key use cases in AWS, Azure, and GCP. This will take into account critical operational and troubleshooting requirements.

Azure Case Studies for high demand workloads and IoT during Covid19

Enterprises are facing challenges related to fast, reliable and secure IoT communication, providing Azure Windows Remote Desktop (WVD) and profile based secure user VPN access to their employees and partners. In this tech talk, Solutions Architects will discuss how to overcome the challenges deploying these high demand technologies and learn the best practices of architecting secure IoT, WVD, rapid onboarding, UDR management, multi cloud application transit, dynamic routing, visibility and troubleshooting. This TechTalk will include two real world Azure case studies.

In the cloud there is Enterprise-Class Transit and Basic Transit: What’s the difference?

When it comes to networking in the cloud nothing is more important than your transit solution. Transit is the foundation upon which all your applications will be built, it is how you will ensure your production services can scale, be secured, and deliver consistent performance. Without an enterprise-class transit you lose visibility, control, network intelligence, and above all multi-cloud optionality. Whether you are just starting your journey to the cloud or you are a mature public cloud infrastructure consumer, your multi-cloud network architecture matters. Join Aviatrix solution architects to learn how hundreds of enterprise cloud teams are leveraging Aviatrix multi-cloud transit architecture with advanced networking, security and visibility services to level-up their cloud network to enterprise-class.

Why businesses are demanding end-to-end encryption and how to achieve 75G throughput within the public clouds

As more production applications and critical workloads move into the public cloud, encrypting your data in motion becomes a key security requirement within and across cloud boundaries. Encryption at line rate becomes even more important on private links as your data moves between Public clouds and Data Center. Turning Encryption on doesn’t have to come with any performance and throughput compromise. Learn how Aviatrix allows you to enable encryption with throughput up to 75 Gbps inside the public cloud. Join us for this Tech Talk Tuesday where one of our Senior Systems Engineer will review how Aviatrix technology is helping customers achieve end-to-end encryption by embedding high-performance encryption into their multi-cloud network architecture

Simplifying multi-cloud security services insertion for AWS, Azure and GCP networks: What you need to know

As enterprises move more workloads to the cloud, the need to dynamically insert security inspection devices becomes imperative. This quickly becomes a monumental task in the build it yourself cloud model. Managing traffic policies combined with high-availability and scale is difficult and offers poor performance. Layer on the need to replicate service insertion across clouds and the management of each environment becomes a support nightmare. In this TechTalk, our principal solution architects highlight the service insertion capabilities of the Aviatrix platform and how to easily and dynamically direct specific traffic to any security device.

How your SD-WAN environment can be an integral part of your multi-cloud network architecture

Let’s face it, SD-WAN networking is intelligent but native cloud networking just isn’t. Why invest all that time and money in SD-WAN only to lose key enterprise functionality the moment you terminate it in the cloud? Aviatrix invigorates native cloud networking by adding advanced traffic engineering, segmentation, NAT, service insertion, automation and visibility among many other things. It only makes sense to pair SD-WAN and Aviatrix together to maintain that network intelligence end-to-end. Learn how Aviatrix can level up your cloud networking and help you get the most out of your SD-WAN solution across any cloud.

Infrastructure as code – Terraform + Aviatrix

As enterprises bring mission critical infrastructure to the cloud, cloud network teams are looking at adopting Infrastructure as Code automation and benefit from DevOps practices such as source control and CI/CD pipelines for rapid deployment, replication, test and update cycles. In this webinar, Aviatrix will discuss proven methods for simplifying cloud network infrastructure automation by leveraging one cloud network platform and one Terraform provider across AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle clouds.

What’s new with Aviatrix Enterprise Transit and 6.0 Release

As enterprises transform IT infrastructure into public clouds, they are realizing that native cloud networking constructs can’t deliver the enterprise class networking, security and operational features they require. In this TechTalk, solution architects will highlight the new capabilities of the Aviatrix transit. Whether you are a single-cloud or multi-cloud enterprise, join us to learn about the latest capabilities like global segmentation, high availability, traffic engineering and more.

Securing internet egress and ingress traffic for workloads in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Traditional DMZ layers, zones and security controls do not exist in the public cloud. As business critical applications are moving to the public cloud, internet egress and ingress controls are top of mind for security and network architects. Learn how to protect sensitive workloads in public cloud environments with proven network design patterns.

How to architect multi-cloud networking for your Azure infrastructure

Learn how Aviatrix helps orchestrate native Azure network and security constructs while setting the foundation for a multi-cloud network architecture. As enterprise customers look to leverage Azure cloud services for their digital transformation journey, many organizations get stuck in developing a networking framework that provides the right security and connectivity. In this tech talk we will show you how Aviatrix provides this framework for Azure, orchestrates native constructs to build this framework, and establishes, and provides seamless day 2 operations and control.

Reference Architecture for Single Cloud Enterprises

The absence of reference architecture in the public cloud is the main reason why cloud architects are focused on deployment details that could possibly lead to chaos later. Public cloud architecture for a single cloud enterprise is just as important as it is for multi-cloud enterprises. It’s critical to plan for functionality, end-end encryption and operational visibility you will need as your cloud presence grows. In this TechTalk, you will learn how to lay a strong foundation by defining cloud architecture for a single cloud enterprises in AWS, Azure, GCP or OCI.

Building secure multi-cloud networking for healthcare applications

Healthcare organizations are building business critical applications in the cloud, expanding into new regions, and leveraging new partnerships. As a result, enterprise-grade connectivity to their EMR/EHR systems and securing the dataflows is of prime importance. Also, seamless connectivity from their clinics and affiliates to these cloud hosted applications and traditional datacenters has become top-of-mind for Healthcare IT professionals. Join us to learn about how to solve for these healthcare networking and security requirements using Reference Architectures, real-world experiences and open Q&A.

How to architect multi-cloud networking for your AWS, Azure, & GCP infrastructure

Learn how organizations are creating a multi-cloud network and security architecture that meets requirements for scale, performance and automation. The session will highlight best practices for creating a multi-cloud architecture, proven design patterns for key use cases in AWS, Azure, and GCP. This will take into account critical operational and troubleshooting requirements.

Maximize performance and visibility for Check Point CloudGuard in AWS and Azure Clouds

CloudGuard allows you to bring your well-established security gateway policies to the cloud. But native cloud networking constructs introduce deployment and operational complexity and force compromises in performance and visibility. In this TechTalk, John Michealson with Check Point joins us for the discussion on how to overcoming those complexities and tradeoffs to get the most out of your Check Point security gateways in the cloud.

Building a secure high performance next generation transit architecture

Enterprises are moving their business critical workloads to the cloud, expanding workloads to new regions, and adding additional service providers. As a result, network traffic patterns have become complex. Transit architectures are key to enabling efficient intra and inter region multi-cloud connectivity and act as a secure point of access to the cloud. Existing native and legacy transit network solutions are remedial, static, cumbersome to configure and do not scale. Plus they provide no enterprise functionality or visibility. In this TechTalk, we dive deep into how you can enable your organization to leverage a next generation global transit backbone that is intelligent, automated, secure and high performing with zero compromise on functionality and network visibility.

Top 5 networking pitfalls to avoid in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Our solution architects will discuss the top cloud networking pitfalls they have seen first-hand during hundreds of large deployments in AWS, Azure and GCP. Learn how to recognize these challenges early and mitigate the risks with proven strategies. It is no surprise that cloud adoption has accelerated in the past few years. And COVID-19 related uncertainties have further highlighted the need for agility. This requires you to make quicker networking and security decisions. In this TechTalk, you will glean insights into how other enterprises have successfully avoided interruptions to their critical business operations

Achieve wire speed IPSec encryption on your cloud network and between your data center and the cloud.

Standard IPSec encryption in the cloud, or from your data center to the cloud, is limited by a single core processing to 1.25 Gbps. Aviatrix allows you to distribute processing across multiple cores and aggregate multiple tunnels to achieve full wire speed for your data center to cloud connections and up to 75 Gbps inside the cloud. Join us for this TechTalk Tuesday where one of our top Solution Architects will review proven reference designs for leveraging high-performance encryption to and within your multi-cloud network environment.

Day 2 operational challenges unpacked: Achieving enterprise visibility over your multi-cloud architecture and transit networks

In this TechTalk, we will discuss multi-cloud network visibility and operational capabilities such as cloud network flow analysis, geographical source-destination heat maps, and time series traffic analysis to visually identify flow anomalies. Tools like ping, traceroute, and packet capture are the basics, but in public clouds many of these familiar options are no longer available. What can you do? Our experts talk thru the options and make sense of it all.

Building a multi-cloud network between AWS and Azure, plus real world troubleshooting in 15 mins

In this TechTalk we will demonstrate creating a multi-cloud network backbone between AWS and Azure using Aviatrix. Drilling deeper, we will demonstrate several powerful troubleshooting capabilities across both the AWS and Azure network, without having to be a specialist in either cloud. Join us for this hands on session, perfect for cloud network architects and engineers.

WFH - Demystifying remote user VPN access in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Today, organizations are facing expanded requirements for remote user VPN access to support their employees, developers, and contractors who are working from home. Securing user VPNs for hundreds of employees doesn’t have to be complex or costly to deploy. This session will discuss different alternatives, and also provides best practices for connecting users to private company resources that reside in AWS, Azure, GCP, or in your on-premises data centers.