Transit Networking

Simplify Transit Networking

Remove complexity when networking across VPCs and on-premises environments. The Aviatrix Controller orchestrates all routing and security policies across your VPCs and your AWS Transit Gateway.

  • Deploy your Transit Network and attach VPCs in minutes with a workflow-based orchestration
  • Visualize your global transit network, network segmentation policies, Transit Gateway route tables and attachments in the dashboard
  • Troubleshoot connectivity between instances in minutes using expert FlightPath tool and diagnostics
  • Pay-as-you go, metered billing that is included in your AWS monthly bill.

Network as Code

Use Terraform to manage your cloud networking and security. With Aviatrix, you can automate a wider set of routing and security capabilities than just AWS native capabilities. Our APIs automate your AWS, Azure, Google, Palo Alto Firewall resources.

  • Provides VPC level abstraction for architects to implement and manage connectivity and security policies at scale
  • Reduce maintenance complexity of multiple Terraform files for multiple providers. Terraform for the Aviatrix provider is all you need
  • Leverage other cloud automation options such as Python SDK or REST APIs.
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Multi-Cloud Transit Networking

Multi-cloud is the new normal. Support your business needs for on-prem and multi-cloud networking. Instead of complex management of different cloud vendor constructs, Aviatrix lets you abstract away the networking differences between AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle clouds.

  • Add Direct Connect support for AWS Transit Gateway using Aviatrix
  • Support multiple accounts through a single pane of glass view of YOUR cloud network
  • Handle requirements ranging from simple multi-cloud peering to complex multi-cloud transit routing
  • Simplify VPC, VNET, VCN connectivity to on-premise by automating and monitoring on an ongoing basis.

Using Aviatrix to Orchestrate AWS Transit Gateway and Build Secure Network Segmentation