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Aviatrix Blog

Aviatrix Accelerates and Streamlines Business-Critical SAP Migrations

Aviatrix Certified Engineer Program Introduces SAP Specialty Training Course to Address Demand for Migration and Cloud Networking Expertise   


Santa Clara, Calif., November 28, 2022 – Aviatrix, the pioneer of Intelligent Cloud Networking™, today released a Solutions Showcase from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, an IT analyst, research, and strategy firm, titled “Intelligent Cloud Networking Solutions for Business-Critical Applications.” In the showcase, Enterprise Strategy Group highlights how solutions like the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform enable organizations to mitigate risk, accelerate the migration process, and ensure availability by securing and simplifying the migration and day-two operational efficiency of business-critical applications like SAP S/4HANA.


Aviatrix is also delivering educational resources for professionals and enterprises working to build the skillsets needed for these migrations by introducing a new Associate SAP Specialty Training to its Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program.


Intelligent Cloud Networking Enables SAP in AWS


According to Enterprise Strategy Group, 88% of organizations are now running production workloads in public clouds, including mission-critical business applications such as SAP or Oracle. The migration of SAP to public cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one example of a business-critical application that can be run in a public cloud environment and can benefit greatly from leveraging advanced network and security capabilities. For example, how do organizations plan to handle:    


  • The requirement for overlay IPs for initial deployment, this allows instances in two availability zones without using the same IP address, automatically redirecting the Overlay IP to the primary or secondary instance when failover is required.   
  • The need to ensure that the environment remains highly available and secure despite any adds, moves, and changes that occur immediately after it is deployed. Aviatrix automates time-consuming and error-prone manual updates to routing tables.   
  • Tight integration with AWS APIs. Aviatrix has worked closely with AWS to provide advanced network services leveraging APIs with AWS so it can automate changes to routing tables and provide visibility and operational efficiency in a very complex, business-critical environment. This includes ensuring a high availability network environment across all AWS availability zones.  


The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform is also capable of securing SAP in AWS – a vital component of business-critical application migrations. Aviatrix has built its security into the network, delivering high-performance IPSec encryption for secure data transfers, layer-4 distributed firewalling and/or redirection to next-generation firewalls (NGFW), and centralized policy control.


As the Solutions Showcase points out, “These SAP migrations tend to be very large, costly projects with timelines that are often measured in months or years. And while the Aviatrix component is typically a small piece of the overall budget, it can deliver significant value by accelerating timelines, simplifying deployments, mitigating risk, and ensuring streamlined day-two operations and troubleshooting.”


Bridging the SAP Migration Skills Gap


While the right technology is vital to successful SAP migrations, the human element is also critical. Aviatrix is helping professionals and enterprises cultivate the networking and security skills to support SAP migrations to the public cloud by introducing the ACE Network Associate – SAP Specialty Training. This six-hour specialty training covers basic SAP fundamentals with a focus on S/4HANA, cloud networking components, and terminology of the major cloud service providers. It includes: 


  • SAP fundamentals with a focus on S/4HANA. 
  • Developing a reference architecture for cloud networks supporting SAP S/4HANA to ensure high availability and resiliency. 
  • Integrating your preferred next-generation firewall vendor into your network architecture to secure SAP traffic flows. 
  • Using intelligent networking to integrate cloud VPCs/VNets and on-premises resources to securely connect SAP components and users. 


“Enterprises are migrating their most critical applications to the cloud, yet access to the solutions and skills for doing this successfully is lagging,” said Nauman Mustafa, Worldwide Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Aviatrix. “The Enterprise Strategy Group’s showcase articulates the value of leveraging intelligent cloud networking solutions to secure and simplify not only the cloud deployment as part of migrations, but also day-two operational efficiency. We’ve also codified cloud networking best practices and design patterns for SAP cloud migrations into our newest ACE Specialty Training. Together, these resources lay a solid framework for enterprises struggling with their digital transformations.”


To download the full Solutions Showcase, visit

For more information on the ACE Associate SAP Specialty Training, visit 


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Aviatrix, the pioneer of Intelligent Cloud Networking, optimizes business-critical application availability, performance, security, and cost with multicloud networking software that delivers a simplified and consistent enterprise-grade operational model in and across cloud service providers. Combined with the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, the industry’s first and only multicloud networking certification, innovative enterprises are transforming their business by upgrading their cloud networking with Aviatrix. Learn more at