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Distributed Cloud Firewalls: Agility, Cost Savings, Stronger Security | CEO Steve Mullaney on Aviatrix Offerings

Led by an experienced team of networking, security, and cloud experts, Aviatrix, founded in 2014, creates purpose-built cloud security solutions, leading the cloud networking revolution by providing consistent and repeatable networking solutions to operationalize cloud models. Today, Bob Evans is joined by President and CEO Steve Mullaney to discuss cloud security and distributed cloud firewalls.

Cost Savings, Enhanced Security, Business Agility: Why Distributed Cloud Firewalls are the Future of Cloud Security
  • Delivering solutions that create agility for the business: Aviatrix handles the compiling of security enforcement into the fabric of the network. All a customer needs to do is tell Aviatrix the policy of what they want to do, and Avaiatrix puts it into the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Distributed cloud firewalls are the way: In trying to “fix” network security, distributed cloud firewalls offer a great deal of promise. Competing vendors might disagree, but customers will love it, and many already do.
  • Cost savings and better security: With Aviatrix, customers don’t have to decide between cost savings or better security; they reap the benefits of both. Architecturally, distributed cloud firewalls are the way, hence customers flocking to Aviatrix.

The Big Quote: “As the CEO, and the business, what do they care about? They care about agility. Why are we moving to the cloud, right? That’s why we’re moving to the cloud. It’s not for cost savings, we all know that. Gonna be more expensive than it was on-prem. The reason we’re going, is that, right? Speed to the business. How quickly can I deploy applications to my customers, because that’s driving my business? This is a business-led transformation. What’s great about what we’re doing is it simplifies things, right…We decouple all that Bob. Our system is intelligent, we create simplicity, right? Not manage the complexity, such that you actually don’t need to think about the network and how the network deploys that network security. Because we own it end-to-end, we figure out the best way to do that.”