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  1. How to Handle the 2025 Change to Azure VM Internet Access

    When Microsoft Azure last year announced that support for default access to the internet is ending for new virtual machines (VMs) after September 30, 2025, it sparked some excellent discussions around outbound/inbound internet access that I believe will ultimately help organizations become more secure.     Coming to the table as a former Azure Global Black…

    Security Azure

  2. Network Security Policy to Enforcement with Aviatrix

    Aviatrix provides several mechanisms to enforce network security policy. This is the first in a series of articles about network security policy enforcement mechanisms in the Aviatrix platform. In this article we describe the path from network security policy intent to enforcement. Figure 1 provides an overview of this path.   Figure 1: Steps to…


  3. Is Your Cloud Network a Ticking Time Bomb? Part 3: Agility in the World of DevSecOps

    In this third chapter of my “Ticking Time Bomb” series, I’d like to explore how existing approaches to cloud security create problems with an emerging but important security discipline called DevSecOps. If you’d like get caught up, you can check out my first chapters on cost challenges here and scale challenges here. There will be…

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  4. skyPurple Cloud Says Distributed Cloud Firewall Makes Aviatrix a No Brainer for Life Sciences Customers

      Approximately 4 out of 5 global IT leaders agree that current cloud approaches are creating new security risks for their enterprise (CloudBolt). It’s a belief that skyPurple Cloud, a cloud services company, is working through with its customers every day.    Serving companies primarily in life sciences, healthcare, and biotech, skyPurple Cloud provides bespoke…

    Security Firewall Network

  5. Aviatrix Acquires a Unique Blend of AWS Networking and Security Competencies 

    The AWS community of independent software vendors (ISVs) is the most customer-centric in the world and brilliantly extends the reach of the AWS cloud, providing customers more choice and bringing the power of joint innovation to customers’ doorsteps.     AWS has aggressively continued to invest in developing this vibrant community of software providers as…

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