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  1. From the CEO’s Desk: Introducing The Distributed Cloud Firewall 

    Today, May 18, 2023, we announced the availability of Aviatrix’s Distributed Cloud Firewall.  We have been working on this ever since I joined Aviatrix four years ago, and I am so proud of our team for the hard work to get this category-defining innovation to market.    Network security in the cloud today is horribly…

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  2. MACSec or IPSec? Which one is the right choice for encrypting cloud connectivity?

    TLDR; MACSec exposes your data in the clear at every router hop along the way. IPSec provides better end-to-end security with high throughput with technology available from Aviatrix.    If your company has sensitive data to transmit over a network, you will want that data to be encrypted as much as possible and sent over a…

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  3. Benefits of Building Security into the Cloud Network: Lessons from Inmarsat, Raytheon, and PipelineRx

    Navigating the complexities of secure cloud networking can be a daunting task for IT teams. As cloud adoption continues to expand across the enterprise, IT faces daily increases in security risks, performance requirements, business critical application migrations to cloud, and cost variables. Traditional networking approaches fall short in providing the agility, resiliency, and security required…

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