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  1. Pop the Champagne! Aviatrix Celebrates Grand Opening of New Office at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Having already expanded to more than 500 global employees over the past few years, Aviatrix’s rapid growth is not slowing down. On the heels of announcing Dallas as the company’s new international hub, we are now celebrating the grand opening of our new office in the Research Park at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)….


  2. How secure is your multi-cloud infrastructure?

    Use our checklist to find the answer With the enterprise’s increasing needs for agility, flexibility, and cost-effective scalability, many organizations are turning to multi-cloud networking. However, not all are following the right strategies to secure their multi-cloud environments. Multi-cloud networks are more complex and diverse than on-premises architectures and have more attack surfaces for bad…

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  3. Aviatrix Google Cloud Networking Connectivity Center Integrated Solution

    Aviatrix, a Google Cloud Technology Partner, is a leader in solving customers’ complex networking, security, visibility, and multi-cloud needs. Built upon the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform, Aviatrix products integrate with several Google Cloud APIs and services, enabling customers to launch, control, and interact with Google Cloud services while delivering networking security and operational visibility across Google…

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  4. Security Is Up to You: When It Comes to Cloud Security, Don’t Rely on Your CSP

    The data out there about cloud security is grim. Even the security providers are being hacked. The FireEye breach was huge, and the SolarWinds cyber intrusion was a highly advanced, backdoor attack. Check Point Software Technologies recently released an interesting study where they planted a “honeypot” in the cloud for seven days. In that brief…

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  5. Multi-Cloud Must-Haves: A Checklist for Building an Agile Multi-Cloud Network

    With business leaders prioritizing their enterprises’ rapid digital transformation across diverse geographic regions, devices and platforms, they are increasingly turning to multi-cloud solutions to achieve the level of agility and flexibility required. In fact, a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users found that 81% of respondents said they were working with two or more…


  6. The Ideal Cloud Solution For Regulated Workloads

    Multi-cloud is on the rise and no longer an option especially for larger enterprises, and you need the flexibility and efficiency of having a public cloud environment for your workloads. But there is still a distrust amongst CTOs and CIOs around putting your organization’s critical data and assets in the cloud. What regulated industries such…


  7. The Future of IT Infrastructure

    The Future of IT Infrastructure                                                            Schedule a demo  As enterprises realize that physical investments to expand their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure are both costly and time-consuming,…